Frequently Asked Questions


Do I have to go into the dealership at any point of the buying experience?


I heard some DMVs are not open. Can we still buy a car? Will my vehicle’s registration be impacted?

Yes, you can still buy a car! While this is true that some DMVs are not open, Carmatic does all of the work for you, including handling all DMV documents, registration etc. 

With the changes in the market, what is going on with vehicle prices and payments?

Just as it always has, vehicle prices fluctuate by month depending on the exact program by the manufacturer. Because of the uncertainty of the timing for when new vehicles will be produced, many dealerships are maintaining a higher selling price for their vehicles compared to what we tracked in early 2020. Our suggestion is that if you find the vehicle you are looking for at a fair price, take it!

What is Carmatic doing to keep its customers and team members safe?

Carmatic is following all CDC guidelines to make sure that all of our team members are as healthy as can be and our customers stay safe through our contactless delivery process. 

I’m having a difficult time contacting my lender. Can Carmatic assist?

Yes! Just give us a call today at 855-849-0402 and we will do everything we can to help.


How much does it cost to use your service?

Nothing! Carmatic earns its money through our partners.

How does Carmatic get the car for less money?

Hard Work! We do all of the negotiating so the consumer can sit back, relax and drive off into the sunset! Through our Carmatic Dealer Network, we have access to all makes and models.

Is this the lowest price? Can I negotiate?

Carmatic presents to you the best market price and payment offer from the beginning. No games. No back and forth. Your time and our time are both valuable, and playing the game of negotiating doesn’t benefit anyone in the end.

What happens at delivery?

We value your time, and we go as fast or as slow as you like at the delivery. At the time of delivery, our Carmatic Team Member will review all documents with you, walk you through the signing process, conduct a full walkthrough of the vehicle, and help you setup the vehicle with your personalized settings. If you have a lease return or vehicle trade in, we will also take care of driving the vehicle away.

Can I get the same manufacturers' incentives, rebates and interest rates for financing or leasing my new vehicle?

Absolutely! Through our Carmatic technology, we have access to all manufacturer incentives, rebates, and incentivized interest rates for financing or leasing your new vehicle. Carmatic incorporates these rebates and incentives within the Carmatic offer we present to you.

How long will the process take?

Carmatic has delivered vehicles as fast as the same day. But there’s no rush if you want to take the process a bit slower. The timing of the entire process is based on the details of your deal. On average, Carmatic deliveries take approximately 35 minutes. But there is no rush! We can go as fast or slow as you like to ensure you are comfortable with all of the details with your documentation, vehicle and vehicle settings.

Do I pay for shipping?

Your Carmatic offer is an all in offer. In many instances, there are no additional delivery charges. If your vehicle is being sourced from a dealer in our Carmatic Dealer Network outside of a 150 mile radius, there may be an additional charge for shipping. Your Carmatic Concierge will walk you through those details if applicable for your offer.

What if I have questions or issues after delivery?

Carmatic is here for you! You continue to work with your Carmatic Concierge even after your delivery. We will answer any questions you have to ensure you are comfortable with all of the details of your new vehicle.

Are there Carmatic locations?

Carmatic does not have physical dealerships or showrooms for customers to visit. Carmatic does have executive offices where our Concierge team, management team and technology team collaborate and work.

Can I trade in my current car?

Yes. If you have a vehicle and you would like to trade it in for a new vehicle, Carmatic can buy your car. Your Carmatic Concierge will guide you through the entire trade in process. We can come to your home, office or preferred location and take care of all the documentation and details right then and there!

Can I test drive?

Yes, your Carmatic Concierge can arrange a test drive of a vehicle for you.